BAB Coach Level 1 Course

BAB Coach Level 1 Course - Sheffield

21st/22nd July 2012


I have no further details at present but I suggest that you check the entry on the BAB web site which gives a contact email address.

For once the course is somewhere not too difficult to get to from Norwich and announced far enough ahead for ordinary working people with families to plan for.

I strongly recommend that anyone who has an interest in teaching Aikido attend. The course is not onerous and it's about teaching not about aikido so you don't have to worry about being a grand-master 10th dan or something.

You will have to give a 10 minute teaching demonstration - remember, there are lots of aspects of teaching aikido, not just techniques - the warm-up, the warm-down, stretches, breathing, meditation, visualisation, physiology (use a whiteboard/flipchart). I've done the course, some time ago, I admit, but the basic concepts and format won't have changed a lot since them and I'm here to help - Alan