A spot of damp

There's been a leak in the roof of the changing rooms we use at the back of the Owen Barnes room which has put them out of action. I wouldn't bother to report on this but they've now been out of use for about 3 months.

I've talked to the council and apprently they've been messed about by the insurers and can't get on with the work until it's all approved.

I suppose that this is all part of the "leaner and fitter economy" we're all living in now but, in times past, facilities like this would have just been fixed immediately in the knowledge that the funds would be available from central government who was basically acting as the insurer for the council. Now it's all been farmed out to private insurance companies it's all supposed to be so much more efficient.

So, the outcome is that, we don't have useable changing rooms and I've negotiated a discount from the parish council especially as the lack of changing facilities would deter any possible female students we may have. We don't have any but that's not really the point. Anyway, it means that the parish council is losing some of the income while the private insurance company (Zurich in this case) gets its collective finger out.