(Pre) Christmas Meal 2011

Ok, so it's well before Christmas but, with losing the Owen Barnes room to the Blood Transfusion Service this week, I thought it a good idea to bring forward the club's traditional Christmas dinner.

At least by having a club dinner at this time means we're not competing with all the other clubs, work's dos etc. for tables so I had no problems booking a table at the Malaysian Delights in Norwich for a large group. The other advantage of the timing is that some of the club's members work in catering or other businesses which become extremely busy in the time leading up to Christmas and have great difficulty finding the time to get along to the meal.

I sent out invites to all the current club members plus a few previous members who have kept in touch, plus one or two others who basically count as "friends of the club" such as Wendy (Tidder) and Sarina. I had a very good response culminating in 17 of us being present for the dinner. I managed to have a "senior moment" and only booked for 15 but, fortunately, the Malaysian Delights wasn't too busy as it was mid-week and we extended the grouped tables without a problem.

My apologies but, despite remembering to take my camera along to the gig, I completely forgot I had it during the meal and only remembered on the way home - so no photos I'm afraid.

All in all it was a very good get-together and especially nice to see Sarina again who deserted us in the name of motherhood.

One thing I'll have to remember when doing this again is to book the meal for 7:30 as some people (notably Hugh and Mike) had difficulty making 7:00 and arrived late.

Who was there

  • Alan & Mairi
  • Dave & Karen
  • Hugh & Julie
  • Lewis
  • Mike & Rebecca
  • Nigel & Claire
  • Phil (U)
  • Sam
  • Sarina
  • Spencer & Margo
  • Wendy