Broadland Aikido - Big 3 Course 2010

Broadland Aikido (Frank Burlingham 5th Dan) is once again holding their annual 'Big 3' Aikido course. These days the instructors also come from outside the UK so it's now the 'International Big 3' Aikido course.
Unfortunately the dates conflict with the Shobu AIkido Summer School (24 - 27 July) but ...

The basic details are as follows ...

International Big 3 Aikido Course

24/25 July 2010

Sat:12-5pm, Sun:10:30am-3:30pm
Adults: £40 (weekend) / £25 (daily)
Children: £25 (weekend) / £15 (daily)

The Denes High School
Yarmouth Rd., Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32 4AH

The senseis featured are Osama Obata shihan (7th Dan) from Japan, Haydn Foster sensei (7th Dan, Institute of Aikido) from the UK and Philip Lee sensei (5th Dan) from Singapore.

We have a friendly relationship with Frank and his club going back many years and all grades of Aikido students will be welcome at the course. If you do decide to attend please ensure that you take along your Shobu Aikido membership book with a current BAB training licence and a set of weapons. Hakama wearers should be aware that Frank's group is one of those that restricts hakama wearing to Dan grades, so it's back to your 'underwear' people.

A poster and booking form are available as PDF for download below. I'm not sure how you're supposed to fit your dojo name in the space provided on the booking form, but it's more designed for a block booking. If you book ahead, I'm sure that a simple request to attend containing the details as per this form will be acceptable - this isn't the Civil Service!