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Posted by Alan 1 year 7 months ago, last updated 1 year 7 months ago

There will be no classes on the following dates:-


  • 9th April 2012 - Easter Monday
  • 7th May 2012 - Early May Bank Holiday
  • 4th June 2012 - Spring Bank Holiday
  • 6th August 2012 - Blood Donor Session
  • 27th August 2012 - Summer Bank Holiday
  • 3rd December 2012 - Blood Donor Session
Posted by Alan 3 years 7 months ago, last updated 1 year 10 months ago

BAB Coach Level 1 Course - Sheffield

21st/22nd July 2012


I have no further details at present but I suggest that you check the entry on the BAB web site which gives a contact email address.

For once the course is somewhere not too difficult to get to from Norwich and announced far enough ahead for ordinary working people with families to plan for.

Posted by Alan 1 year 9 months ago, last updated 1 year 9 months ago

There's been a leak in the roof of the changing rooms we use at the back of the Owen Barnes room which has put them out of action. I wouldn't bother to report on this but they've now been out of use for about 3 months.

I've talked to the council and apprently they've been messed about by the insurers and can't get on with the work until it's all approved.

I suppose that this is all part of the "leaner and fitter economy" we're all living in now but, in times past, facilities like this would have just been fixed immediately in the knowledge that the funds would be available from central government who was basically acting as the insurer for the council. Now it's all been farmed out to private insurance companies it's all supposed to be so much more efficient.

Posted by Alan 1 year 9 months ago, last updated 1 year 9 months ago

Another excellent course mentored by George Forbes (6th Dan) and hosted by the Fakenham club.

The real advantage of the SAUK courses is in the quality of the instruction. It's real instruction in solid AIkido basics, not lots of fancy techniques in attempting to impresss or provide amusement.

Unfortunately we didn't have many people from the Norwich group at the course owing to various reasons, such as work and injuries. Something of a shame as this is the only scheduled local SAUK this year. The nearest other courses will be in Sheffield - apart from that, it's the long haul up to Barrow-In-Furness.

Posted by Alan 1 year 10 months ago, last updated 1 year 10 months ago

28th/29th April

with Greg Habert of Paris

Cardiff University Talybont Sports Centre
Cardiff CF14 3UX

Dates, times and prices TBA when Greg sorts out his flights

Stéphane Benedetti visit

Friday, 25th May

Hedley Hall, Bath
Denmark Road, Bath BA2 3RE
Friday 19:00 - 21:00
Hosted by: Furo Ryu Bath Aikido Society


Posted by Alan 1 year 10 months ago, last updated 1 year 10 months ago

SAUK National Course - Fakenham

14th - 15th April 2012

with George Forbes (6th Dan)

Fakenham Sports Centre
Trap Lane, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 9HL

Posted by Alan 1 year 11 months ago, last updated 1 year 10 months ago

There are announcements for the dates of various courses on the SAUK events page.

There are few details at the moment, simply dates and locations, presumably acting as place holders for planned courses.

Posted by Alan 2 years 1 month ago, last updated 2 years 1 month ago

From the BAB web page ...

Coach Level 1 Course

3rd - 4th February 2011

Thanet Dojo
Zion Place

See the BAB web page for further details and a contact if you are interested.

The BAB's requirements for coach have changed and you now only need to be Aikido 1st Kyu - previously this was 1st Dan - to be a coach.

Any member of 1st Kyu or above who does not yet have a Coach Level 1 award should seriously think about attending this or another course.

Posted by Alan 2 years 1 month ago, last updated 2 years 1 month ago

Ok, that's it. We're now closed for the Chrismas break and the next class will be on

Monday 9th January

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish a Merry Christmas to all our students, both past and present, as well friends of the Fudokai Aikido Dojo and to hope we all have a Happy (and prosperous) New Year.

Posted by Alan 2 years 1 month ago, last updated 2 years 1 month ago

Wendy Tidder has passed on some items of clothing she's gathered together while clearing out John's Aikido gear.

She's asked me to offer them to members of the Fudokai and all she asks is that you make a donation to Cancer Research in lieu of payment for any item you take.

Only clothing so far - there will be books at a later date - I'll let you know.

Posted by Alan 2 years 2 months ago, last updated 2 years 2 months ago

Ok, so it's well before Christmas but, with losing the Owen Barnes room to the Blood Transfusion Service this week, I thought it a good idea to bring forward the club's traditional Christmas dinner.

At least by having a club dinner at this time means we're not competing with all the other clubs, work's dos etc. for tables so I had no problems booking a table at the Malaysian Delights in Norwich for a large group. The other advantage of the timing is that some of the club's members work in catering or other businesses which become extremely busy in the time leading up to Christmas and have great difficulty finding the time to get along to the meal.

Posted by Alan 2 years 3 months ago, last updated 2 years 3 months ago