Shobu Aikido UK

The national organisation to which both the Fudokai Aikido Dojo and the Norwich Aikido Club belong. You will find links here to other clubs who are members of Shobu Aikido

Takemusu Aikido Intercontinental

Based in France and led by Sensei Philipe Voarino, the TAI promotes the development of Aikido world-wide. Shobu Aikido UK is affiliated with the TAI and Philipe frequently teaches both at the SAUK Summer School and other courses. Unfortunately the web-site is entirely in french but you can always try Google Translate if your french is not up to the task.

British Aikido Board

The B.A.B. is the umbrella organisation recognised by the Sports Council for the organisation of aikido in the UK.

Nine Circles

Nine circles supplies good quality aikido clothing and equipment at very reasonable prices. Their aikido keikogi, for instance, have shorter sleeves than normal - very useful for katate-dori practice.

Fudebakudo - the way of the exploding pen

Visit this site for some excellent martial arts cartoons. The author has at the very least studied aikido if he is not actually an active practitioner. Fellow aikidoka will love ukemi-waza and breakfalls and 31 count jo kata cartoons. Buy the book - it's worth it!

Karen Fuller Photography

Karen Fuller is a professional photographer and responsible for many of the photos of the Fudokai Aikido Dojo and its members. Visit her web-site to see samples of her work and specifically this series of photographs taken at a Shobu Aikido Course in Fakenham, Norfolk.

Norwich Aikido Club

Our sister club in Norwich, formerly run by John Tidder. Following John's death, this club is closed until further notice and links to the club web site ( are directed here.